Yuka Enterprises Consulting works with both small and large businesses in the U.S. looking to expand to the Japanese market. Our CEO and representatives have extensive experience working in leading companies in Japan, and will help you properly brand, market, and network in Japan. 

Here at Yuka Enterprises, we take the time to get to know all of our clients so that we can implement the best business strategies to ensure success in Japan. Japan’s distinct business culture can make it difficult for foreign companies to build relationships there. For instance, U.S. firms should not use contact lists for a “cold call” on prospective Japanese clients. Most Japanese business people prefer to do business with those they have met face-to-face, or those they have been properly introduced to through a trusted intermediary party. Appropriate third parties include other Japanese firms, U.S. companies successfully established in Japan, banks, trade associations, or agency companies experienced in facilitating relationships between U.S. and Japanese companies.

Let Yuka Enterprises be your bridge to Japan.